Mini dachshund puppies choose their own colour collars in adorable clip

Dressing up their furry friends is often one of the favourite pastimes of dog owners, but what happens when the pups are left to choose their own accessories?

This video answers that question, putting the decision on what colour collar to wear squarely in the paws of these cute canines.

The four puppies were given a tough choice to make, with collars in a variety of stylish colours being placed in front of them.

Their task was to select which collar they would be wearing, one which they took extremely seriously.

Pickle, Pea, Olive and Bean each took it in turns to settle on a collar colour for themselves in the adorable video.

First up was Pickle, a male puppy who chose to shun gender norms, deciding that the pink collar was the one for him.

Viewers were left extremely satisfied after the second pup took their turn, with female puppy Pea rather appropriately going with a green collar.

Next to take their turn was Olive, another girl, who was drawn to the white collar in front of her, picking up her prize rather timidly.

Finally, Bean went with the yellow collar on the end, although he may have initially seemed nonplussed about the whole process, instead staring off into the distance.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @shonaat0, was a smash hit on the video sharing platform, with over 5.6 million views and over 900,000 likes.

Viewers adored the video, with one user commenting: “Why did Olive take it so politely and check that she was allowed to, I’m sobbing.”

Another commenter wrote: “Pea getting green is the only thing keeping me afloat.”

A third added: “Pickle is very secure in his masculinity.”

But these adorable pups aren’t the only miniature dachshunds to have enjoyed success on TikTok of late, after the mini living room that houses these three dachshunds went viral.

The clip showed off their owners’ DIY skills, after he built them their own living room complete with sofas and a 24” TV.

Incredibly, the room even features paintings and prints hung at wiener dog height as well as rugs, lamps and even a bar cart.