‘Drama queen’ Husky hates bath time and is filmed wrestling with owner

A “drama queen” Husky’s bath time antics as she wrestles with her owner has had the internet in hysterics.

Despite being a big muscular dog, Winter really isn’t a fan of the water and doesn’t shy away from making her feelings clear.

The video shows how she reacts when she sees the bubble bath is out, and the results are really funny.

Although that’s probably not what her owner thinks as she faces the unenviable task of dragging the hulking dog to the bath tub.

The dog struggles all the way in a desperate bid to keep her fur dry.

Winter had to be carried from the kitchen all the way to the bathroom
Viewers see Winter being carried through the house, beginning with her being hauled out of the kitchen and putting up quite a fight.

The Husky struggles in her owner’s arms the whole way, really doing her best to avoid her watery destiny.

By the time the two eventually reach the bathroom, Winter seems to have accepted her fate, giving up struggling and instead being slowly led to the water.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @winterthehuskymalamute, was a huge hit on the app, with almost two million likes and over 18 million views.

Viewers could clearly relate to the video, with one user commenting: “Same for my dog. Why do dogs hate showers and baths so much, but love lakes and rivers?”

Winter eventually gave up struggling and accepted her fate
Another commenter wrote: “Huskies are drama queens but they are adorable.”

A third added: “My Lab launches herself into the river or lake on our walks but the bathroom is a level 10 no go area.”

Winter isn’t the only husky to have been popular on TikTok of late, after this amusing clip showed an adorable puppy falling out of her paddling pool.

The hilarious video showed the fully grown husky reflecting upon her younger days, when she was a little less sturdy on her feet.

As she tried to leave her paddling pool, she forgot to leap and instead went head over heels, landing on the soft grass below and taking a moment to collect herself before standing up.