Secretlab really built its extra-small gamer chair that started as an April Fools’ joke

When it comes to gaming chairs, most of the focus is on how they can support and comfort your next 5,000 IQ play, but the fact is that most of them are designed to be large and imposing. After teasing a miniaturized version of its Titan chair as an April Fools’ joke, Secretlab decided to send it to production, creating this Titan XXS.

The Titan Extra Extra Small has matching materials and even a five-year warranty just like the full-size chairs, and it even has height-adjustable armrests. It has child-locking casters and supports up to 70kg (~154lbs), so it should be safe enough for pets, kids, or anyone else who wants a small seat in front of the RGB keyboard and mouse.

The chair will be available globally in “limited quantities,” so if you want this 1:2 scale version you may have to decide quickly on a preorder. A black hybrid leatherette version is available for $299 while opting for Plush Pink or Frost Blue fabric costs $319. The Xbox Series X minifridge went from joke to sold out in seconds, and now I’m wondering which non-serious product will be next.