Best Mario Kart character to play if you want to win according to statistics

It’s a hot topic even adults can’t help but to get involved in – who is the best Mario Kart character.

The ever popular game has always enthralled audiences, spanning Mario Kart’s many releases. Even though we may feel as though we’ve grown out of the game, many of us keep coming back to it, dusting off controllers and preparing for battle.

But arguments of whether Mario, Luigi, Peach, or even Bowser claim the top spot for their racing performance have been brushed aside, as mathematics has officially entered the chat and answered the decades old question.

Striving to find a correct answer for the ongoing debate of ‘who is the best character in Mario Kart’, Henry Hinnefeld published a report writing for Civis Analytics’ ‘The Civis Journal’.

In the report, Hinnefeld turned to data analysis, looking in depth at the numbers while applying his expertise in order to publish definitive findings.

Hinnefeld’s approach involves the use of the ‘Pareto efficiency’ and ‘Pareto frontier’. These are concepts that were developed by economist, Vilfredo Pareto, in the 19th century.

Speaking of his choice to utilise this concept, Hinnefeld wrote: “The concept of Pareto efficiency applies to situations where there is a finite pool of resources and multiple competing outcomes that depend on how those resources are allocated.

“The ‘Pareto efficient’ allocations are those in which it’s impossible to improve one outcome without worsening another outcome.”

By inputting the Mario Kart character, kart and tire statistics (considering traction, weight and handling etc), Hinnefeld proceeded to group every choice into classes, then add vehicle customisation and go from there.

There are 149,760 possible combinations of these statistic fields but only 15 of them create what Hinnefeld calls ‘optimal combinations’, referring to the speed and acceleration values.

These are of course attributes that you want your chosen character to possess when you are on the track and competing in a racing game.

Generally speaking, heavy characters display good speed but poor acceleration, whilst lighter characters show snappy acceleration but a low top speed.

Therefore, Hinnefeld summarised that the heaviest racer class including Wario and Bowser are officially the best choice if you’re wanting to win.

Hinnefeld noticed that the heaviest racers are actually more versatile, writing that “Wario’s possible configurations can achieve about 77 per cent of the max acceleration [whilst] Baby Mario can only get up to 50 per cent of the max speed.”

So there you have it, generally speaking, the heavier characters are the best candidates to opt for in a race situation. Now that you’re armed with this information, go forth and conquer the race track, just avoid those pesky banana skins, there’s no saving grace when it comes to those.